My poetry blog for Napowrimo

Etch A Sketch

I form the structure with steady hands

Ready to restart again

Careful lines precisely placed

Mending what was once defaced

Please don’t rattle me not one bit

Don’t you see I’m delicate

I am Etch a Sketch

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This classroom is so cold

This teacher is so old

And he’s got the opinions to show it.

The desks have scrawled on words of woe

Is this where knowledge is meant to grow?

These people are so ignorant.

At least the naps are sensational

These posters are hardly motivational

I don’t even care anymore.

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The Electric Fan

Spinning blades inside your head

Words a whirring drone

Can’t be switched off by yourself

Cools others off, wires red hot

Wanting something more

Spinning contradiction

A label upon your face

Never changing ways

Pinnacle of corporate

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I am just a deaf girl,

playing life by ear

Are butterflies afraid

as they’re leaving their cocoon?

I am still a chrysalis, far unfit to bloom

I’m wary of my wings, that feel so frail and thin

How do they fly against the wind, 

so confident they’ll win?

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It doesn’t matter what I am, two months old or eighteen,

There’ll be times when I’m naive 

From stealing my nose to stealing my name

The risk of getting tricked always escalates

Things are slowly dissolving

We’re in hot water

Our friendship’s Alka Seltzer

Meeting you,

was like finding a dollar on the street

Anybody could have found you

yet here you are at my feet

I placed you in my pocket

with all my other precious keeps,

And know you’ll always be there

in times of emergency